It has no leaps and it has no bounds. It has swept away the traditional R&D systems. It tinkers and toys with ideas and people. It involves black belts who may eat and sleep very little but who think a lot. Every company big or small wants it. It makes sure that everybody notices it. It grows today and gets old tomorrow.  It is outstanding and has always been the big winner. It is called INNOVATION.

Innovation has redefined the R&D systems of many companies. Companies like Google, Renault and Lenovo have innovation labs where scientists and engineers work together putting hierarchy aside. Mahindra, Coca-Cola, Yum! Foods and the likes have joined the bandwagon and other major companies are soon to follow.

This page is dedicated to innovation. In this page I would like to present some companies that have been doing a lot keeping innovation in mind.

Renault, a French automobile major, has a centre dedicated to intuitive design, a concept that is in force in emerging economies like ours. Located in a chaotic suburb in Mumbai, the Renault studio is filled with designers and modellers who are engrossed in designing and creating mock car models.  It is one of the six studios that Renault has across the globe. The logic behind this is that each market has its own needs and India is one market they cannot ignore. But the studio has only been able to launch one car, the Logan, in 3 years. The company however is looking to launch 2 new models this year in the Indian market.

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