Now that we are clear with the basics, we will talk about how to attract more fans on your Facebook page. The first key point is quality content. It is what will keep your fans from leaving the page once they are in.
Advertise a lot. Remember not all advertising is paid. 😀

  1. There are websites like tribe pro where you can join tribes and advertise about your page. You can search for a tribe that is relevant to your business and market and start advertising there. You will get fans but the key point is that you should want them to be there again and not just this time. The solution to this is simple; Quality content. Nothing can beat it, trust me. It is what will keep them wanting to come back to your page.
  2. Add a link of your Facebook fan page to your email signature and mail a lot, to your friends, to your family and to all the people you can.
  3. There are websites like which can help you advertise. It will save you the effort of emailing to a lot of people but it might cost you some bit.
  4. Use you Fan Box. It is a snippet of code that can be inserted in the sidebar of your blog or website. It will make it easy for people who have a Facebook account to join your fan page without even visiting Facebook or your fan page. It is one of the most powerful tools to advertise and it’s free. But you need to know some HTML for that. If you don’t, well, ask a friend who knows or you can learn it easily from the internet.
  5. Interact with your fans. Give them new information about your products, resolve their queries and answer their questions. Involve them and get them to spend more time on your page. Put up quizzes, competitions and give away some prizes and offers to winners. Talk about them. Talk about your best customers and give them a chance to feel proud to be associated to your brand.
  6. Circulate your content as much as possible. Apart from some mentioned above, there are numerous other services available on the internet that can help you in spreading your content. Some of them are free and some paid.

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