Let’s get the basics right first. The first question that you need to answer is: is your Facebook page profile complete? You should maximize the use of ‘About’ box. Since the number of characters that can be entered in this box are limited, you should be brief and concise. A link to your website should be included since no one will take the pain of copying and pasting it. You should also have the links to your blog and your twitter account in this box. You can use URL shorteners like bitly to free up some space.

Remember, a lot of people a lot of time on Facebook. So you might want to add stuff to your Facebook page which you have on your website or otherwise. It could include product catalogues and information, new products and offers, reviews, contests and quizzes, polls etc. Also, remember the good old saying: A picture is worth a thousand words. So include as many pictures and videos as possible.

Make your Facebook page as interactive as possible. Let your customers give their views and opinions. It may so happen that your customers will act as your innovators and more importantly you will get constant feedback about your products and services.

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