This name has been synonymous to instant noodles in India for nearly three decades. In fact India accounts for the highest level of volume sales for Maggi. It has been the single dominant player in the category with no major competition for a long time. There has been some competition from Top Ramen but due to its limited distribution network, it has not been a major threat to the Nestle brand.

It was a couple of years back when big companies like GSK, HUL, ITC and Big Bazaar decided to enter the market. They entered the market through their power brands like Horlicks and Knorr. They offered a number of variants and flavours to the customers. As it is Maggi was never considered to healthy by the Indian mom.

A survey conducted by Nielsen shows that Maggi’s market share has fallen by around 15 percent since the launch of these new brands. And let me remind you, this happened in less than 2 years. We got curious by this data and wanted to understand the reasons behind this huge fall. Although we already knew that Maggi was the only dominant player in the category and any new major entrant would lead to a result in a fall in Maggi’s market share. But to have a better understanding about the great fall, the possible reasons behind it and the possible actions Maggi should take going forward we conducted out a research of our own.

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