Our research tried to analyze the reasons for the loss of Maggi’s market share. The research done by us provides an insight into what a customer wants from the instant noodles and what should be Maggi’s focus to recover its lost market share. Various tools like surveys, focus group discussion and quantitative methods as well as secondary sources of information have been utilized for the purpose of analysis.

Maggi has always been a fun brand with a “good to eat, fast to cook” anytime snack image among different age groups. Opportunities arose in terms of reach. Hence the onus of the company has been to make it easily available in various sizes and affordable rates, catering to different categories of users.

The Indian has not been too adventurous when it comes to trying out new flavors. As a result, Maggi has settled for standard flavors like curry, tomato, masala and chicken and hasn’t done much experimentation with other flavors. But ITC, HUL and GSK now seem to have woken up to potential of this category which is growing at over twenty percent consistently for the last few years. It is these players who are introducing the Indian consumer to newer flavors and asking them to experiment beyond Maggi.

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