HUL and GSK are playing on their strengths of their strong distribution networks and strong media presence. HUL has extended its Knorr franchise. It combines noodles with soups and soups are generally considered healthy. GSK, with its Horlicks extension has launched Foodles, which is a multi grain noodle, pegged as healthier alternative to maida noodles which have been the most popular variant of Maggi. In terms of brand name all Horlicks, Knorr and Sunfeast have a wide ranging appeal because they have products that have extensive recall.

Nestle is not sitting idle. They have reacted to the situation by launching its Multigrain noodles. It has also launched new flavors like curry and capsicum. They have come also come out with a new campaign to engage the consumer to retain brand loyalty.  Through this interactive campaign they are trying to reinforce the emotional connect with its consumers.

Our research has confirmed some of these facts. We conducted a focused group discussion of ten people and following were our observations:

  • · Instant noodles formed an important part of their menu especially when shortage of time
  • · People also liked Maggi due to convenience of preparation
  • · Many respondents were not aware of the new brands
  • · Consumers preferred variety of flavors as compared to plain Maggi
  • · They consume Maggi for snacks, and when they want to have a quick bite

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