Let me remind you that the European market, where 3G was introduced in 2003, turned profitable for the mobile phone companies 2-3 years back. So it could be a long wait for the companies and especially when they have invested so much. But as I said the Indian market is transforming at a stupendous pace so I think the mobile phone companies here won’t have to wait that much.

Currently, a lot of them are using experiential marketing to develop the market. Bharti Airtel has launched a campaign wherein it has several red coloured buses or the famously known “3G buses” on the move in some of the major cities. Users can step into these buses to get an experience of the 3G mobile services like mobile TV, video calling and online gaming. Apart from that they are also trying to induce some excitement among their customers with the new Airtel tune. It’s Print and outdoor campaigns also scream ‘Airtel is here’. It has joined hands with Nokia for its 3G network which might be a smart move.

The Vodafone’s 3G ad campaign is brilliant. It’s success from the Zoo Zoo campaign can be judged from the fact that it has been the highest gainer in terms of number of users who have decided to change operators while keeping the number same. Zoo 3G, the new superhero of the Zoo Zoo community is everywhere be it online or offline. One can see these ads floating on YouTube, ad portals, journals, billboards etc. It is a perfect example of how integrated marketing communication is carried out and truly depicts the personality of the brand – Faster, smarter and better.

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