2 brands belong to Pepsico and 1 to Coca-Cola. What all 3 have in common is that they all belong to the same category and the same carbonated drinks segment. While there is a fight amongst the brands to be on top of the minds of the consumers, their similar communication strategy might confuse them.

Mountain Dew has a certain advantage here. With its extreme sporty image the Pepsico brand has positioned itself well among the youth. With a hint of caffeine in the drink, it has differentiated well from the other 2 brands. Salman Khan, being the brand ambassador of the brand goes well with the personality of the brand.

Sprite, that had been doing well for a long time is losing its way. From its original communication strategy of being just a thirst quencher and no “bakwaas” it has moved to university of freshology which is giving “gyan” to the people who drink sprite. The Coca-Cola product has been positioning itself as a no-nonsense drink for so long. The earlier campaigns ‘Sprite Bujhaye Only Pyaas, Baki All Bakwaas’, ‘No Gyan – Only Sprite’ and ‘Seedhi Baat, No Bakwaas, Clear Hai!’ had worked well for the brand. There was no reason for the brand to take this new path. I don’t think the consumers will react positively to this new campaign.

7-Up has also come out with a new campaign with Sherman Joshi as its brand ambassador. It is based on the theme ‘Gussa Hatao, Chill Machao’. The campaign looks fine with its real life like moments of sudden provocation and with Sherman Joshi using his wit and 7-Up to cool the person off. But I feel with this campaign the Pepsi brand has narrowed its focus. 7-Up is what I would want to have when I am angry. Will this click for 7-Up is left to be seen? As it is Pepsico has been struggling with the positioning of 7-Up (due to a similar brand in its portfolio) for quite some time now.


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