Is it too confusing or is it just smart advertising? One brand claims to kill the swine flu causing H1NI virus, the second one says it purifies air; the third one is capable of detecting human activity in the room and cooling accordingly whereas the fourth one offers the option of pre-cooling one’s home remotely by sending out a text message to the AC, a fifth one claims to energize you and keep you active throughout the day whereas the sixth one has sleep mode and power saving features.

All these brands have moved beyond the core functionality of cooling. The communication strategy of these brands has shifted from the core functionality to trying to differentiate itself with unique propositions. The category itself has moved from general cooling to specialized cooling.

Samsung, with its claim to kill the H1N1 virus has roped in Priyanka Chopra as its brand ambassador. The logic behind the ad is that home occupies a prominent place in one’s quest for a successful life. Research shows that indoor air breeds many viruses, which are causes of major illnesses. Priyanka Chopra enunciates this as she walks through a street watching everyone in their no-wall homes indicating they are unprotected.

Panasonic’s new campaign features Katrina Kaif using a new technology very easily. The company has introduced the new Cube AC, an AC with the features of a split and the price of a window AC, through this campaign. Apart from this new name, I feel, there isn’t anything unique about it. But it’s all about positioning and the ad’s target segment is people in the age group of 25 to 35 years.

Similarly, other brands have launched new campaigns as they look to differentiate themselves from the others. But will the consumers buy it? It might be too early to predict but I feel in a highly competitive market with more than 5 major players this move was necessary!


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