Just as it happened in the case of shampoos, it is happening in the beverages segment now. Aiming for a deeper penetration in the market big companies like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Britannia and Kraft are introducing products in the lower price segments particularly in the Rs 5 category to drive up volume sales.

Tang, A kraft’s brand under the Cadbury umbrella, has come out with a new campaign with a tagline ‘Aaja Rang De’. The advertisement shows a mother with glassed of the coloured drink who heads out to children who seemed to be disinterested in the goings on. It conveys an idea that the drink gives instant energy and instils enthusiasm. The company had already launched the product in sachet segment but now it has also started manufacturing it in its Hyderabad based facility.

On the other hand, Fanta, the Coca-Cola brand, launched Fun Taste powder sachet in the Rs 5 segment. It’s a pilot project from the company and the company plans to go deeper into the category based on the response it gets from this project.

The organized beverage segment in India is touted to be at around 15 thousand crore of which powdered concentrates contribute as little as 1%. It is believed that affordability may drive sales upwards. Currently, Rasna leads the segment while other players have single digit market share. Well, this is about to get exciting as FMCG majors have started focussing on this category.


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