Maruti Suzuki launched its first ever premium luxury sedan, the Kizashi this year. Appearance and features wise, this car may live up to an individual’s expectation. Its performance and the comfort provided by it might also be above average. But is it value for money? The sedan priced at around Rs 18 lakh might be too much for the brand image that Maruti has in India. Maruti has always had an image of a car which is affordable, has maximum fuel efficiency compared to its competitors and is safe. It has seldom been looked as a luxury brand.

Why wouldn’t a consumer prefer to buy a Passat, which has an image of being in the league of Mercedes and BMW? How difficult will it be for a person who is willing to shell around 20 lakhs from his pocket to take a decision between a Maruti Suzuki and a Volkswagen? Kizashi might score close to Passat in terms of appearance and performance but when it comes to features and brand image Kizashi is no match for Passat.

Besides, Volkswagen has been doing a lot when it comes to advertising. Since its launch a couple of years ago it has been very innovative in its marketing campaigns. Beetle has been a big success. The recent advertising campaign Volkswagen launched for Passat depicts the superiority of German engineering over its counterparts. Its Blue motion technology is unmatched by any other car manufacturer or seller in India.

Though Maruti Suzuki has tried to connect its brand to its consumers as not just an Economic Brand but also a Luxury Brand but will the customers buy it or not is only left to be seen! After all it is their favourite brand.


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