It’s a Hajmola tablet with a coating of mint on it. The logic behind it, as per the company, is that one third of all the mint consumed in India is after meals. So now one gets breadth and digestion with a single candy. Priced at 50 paise per tablet, the Hajmola Mint Masti is a first of its kind in India.

This move is a part of the company’s strategy to increase its foot print in the confectionary segment. The mint market however will not be easy to crack as it is led by companies like ITC, Cadbury and Perfetti van Melle which have a lot of experience in this segment under their belts and not to mention their deep pockets.

But the FMCG major seems to be ready. It is planning to undertake both above the line and below the line activities to promote the Hajmola Mint Masti. A TV commercial is in the pipeline. Activities have been planned for colleges and offices. But will Dabur be able to crack it?

The company has had a huge success with the original Hajmola tablet and the Hajmola candy. I think there is only 1 little problem. Will the consumers like the fusion taste of mint and Hajmola? Or will the company be able to develop it with time? I feel this is a nice innovation by the company and it will work out. Probably they can also try the reverse combination that is mint tablet with a coating of Hajmola. Let’s wait and watch how the consumers react to the New Hajmola Mint Masti!


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