The timing of the royal wedding couldn’t have been better, especially for Coca-Cola. Wondering where is the connection? Let me explain it to you. London Olympics is a year away and the royal wedding has turned the spotlight on the British capital. Capitalizing on it, Coca-Cola has launched its Olympics campaign, which includes an “eight-pack” of the American athletes who will appear on its packaging and other promotional campaigns for the next 1 year.

These athletes are from backgrounds like diving, boxing and tennis and are potential medal winners for the country. With a huge fan following on social networking sites like Facebook and twitter, the company has got a head start to its London Olympics campaign. These athletes will be the company’s brand ambassadors of active living and they will encourage people to lead an active and balanced life.

This might be a bit early but I feel this is going to get a lot bigger as the games approach. The campaign has already started. A photo shoot was held in Boston some time back. Their pictures will appear on the Coca-Cola cans and bottles. Other activities like in store marketing are expected to begin in the first half of next year.


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