When some countries are boasting of the 4G technology, in India, there is a war like situation among the telecom giants. Everyone including the likes of Bharti group, Vodafone, BSNL and Tata have recently launched their 3G services in India. The price sensitive Indian market is still in its infancy when we talk about ‘3G technology’. Till recently the mobile phone has been used for the basic purpose of calling and text messaging. It is now that these players are trying to develop a wider scope of mobile telephony in the country. And the timing is perfect. The Indian middle glass is growing at an unprecedented rate. Secondly, it is willing to spend more than ever before and it is not hesitating to try newer things. It is willing to pay for convenience now. People are surfing the net on their mobile phones, they are buying smarter phones, they are paying bills online and what not.

Amid this change, this change which is very swift in nature, Telecom majors are trying their luck with this expensive technology. With as much as Rs 68000 crore invested in purchase of the 3G spectrum, I do hope that these companies have a good luck.

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