It might not be the right time to say it but I believe the $100 billion valuation of Facebook might be a bubble which would burst soon and will burn the pockets of many. I have read that the number of registrations is increasing but these are the people who are new to the concept and are excited. The people who have experienced have are getting bored of it and moving on.
The very idea was to stay connected to friends. Most of the people have a lot of friends on Facebook, a lot of people in their friend list I would say. Spending a lot of time on the website means you are spending less time on other activities including hanging out with your real friends. Everybody wants a couple of close friends but Facebook is distancing you from those friends and your subconscious mind may not like it.

It has become more of a business tool. What do you do most on Facebook? Express your feelings with the world? Wouldn’t you like to do it with your closer group with either? Share pictures, videos and other things? Remember how forward text messages were a fad once? The point I am trying to make is that people are moving on. There are so many updates everyday that you don’t feel like checking all. Moreover you have to filter the meaningful ones from a clutter of game score achievements, news articles, forward messages, pictures, videos, brand advertisements and what not. It’s getting boring. Then you have advertisements. In the status messages and on the side bars and we don’t like advertisements in our private groups. Is the company so desperate on making money with advertisements? I believe it is losing more than it is making. It is no longer private or interesting. Instead it is noisy, commercial and public now. Privacy is another issue.
Facebook has a lot of data now, a lot of personal data. One of the biggest sources of income for the company can be to sell this data. But will the data be useful for the companies. I say, to the extent their customers are still hooked to the website. Once they start to move away, the companies will have to do more to retain their customers.
Google+ which has been investing a lot and trying hard to rub shoulders with Facebook may actually be wasting a lot of money. By the time they reach close to where Facebook is today the whole concept of online social networking, what it stands for today, might be antiquated. People would go back to small personal groups and social networking websites might serve all other purposes bar social networking.