Recently we did a market research on ecommerce and other online commerce platforms and solutions. We will provide the full report in some parts. Here is the second part.

New rules and new tools of customer engagement

Today’s customer is highly evolved. He is always right. If there was any doubt regarding the truth of the adage, social networking has eliminated it completely. A study conducted by Jupiter Research revealed that if customers aren’t satisfied with the information provided on your website, there is a 45% chance that he may leave the website and go to a competitor’s website, 45% chance that he will not visit the website again and 40% chance that he will not buy from you online. (Jupiter Research, “NPD Retail Consumer Survey,” June 2008). What more? There is an even a chance of him spreading negative word about your website on social networking websites. Remember the case of Dell where an unhappy customer’s blog post and Dell’s silence tarnished the company’s reputation badly.

Understand your customer and see what type of customer drive the sales for your web store. This data can be used retain the current customers and target new customers.

There are four types of customers that visit a webstore. The seekers, who are looking for a specific product, the researcher, who has a specific goal in mind, but has not thought about a particular product or brand, the bargain hunter, who will only buy when he gets the best bargain and the window shopper, who just searches for entertainment or shopping for a gift. (Volusion’s Ecommerce Blog, 2011)


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