Recently we did a market research on ecommerce and other online commerce platforms and solutions. We will provide the full report in some parts. Here is the third part.

Business Intelligence and Business Analytics

Using Business Intelligence and Business Analytics tools a company can determine what category its customers fall into and what category it would like to target. After determining this it can use specific ways to engage its customers using specific solutions. For example:

  • Including relevant keywords and manufacturer information may help the seeker find the specific product he is looking for. Search engines may land some of the users directly on the product page but other may land on your homepage. So make sure your internal site search has working keywords too.
  • The researcher is a confused person. So helping him clearing his confusion with Guided search, clearly defined categories, site navigation and detailed descriptions may help in a conversion. Providing links to similar or related products may mean additional business
  • Having a ‘Deal of the Day’, Coupon codes and discounts, additional services like free shipping might entice Bargain Hunter. As per almost 90% of shoppers said that they would be enticed to shop more and spend more money if the shipping is free of cost.
  • One of the ways to keep a window shopper engaged is updating your product catalogue with the most popular, interesting or unique products regularly. This will surprise the window shopper and he might want to visit your website again. Making the product more real by adding multiple images, detailed descriptions and customer reviews might make the window shopper interested in the product.


Our Market Research