Where is the world going? It’s already a chaos. With so many brands and so many products, imagine the pain consumers are going through in choosing a product.

Marketers are going through the same pain trying to get their message across to the consumers.  Companies are doing whatever they can just to attract eyeballs without giving much thought to what might be the impact.

Bic has lately introduced a pen, its not just another pen, it is a pen specifically for ladies. I wonder who was the mastermind behind this idea? The product may be unique or not but the criticisms are gaining attention.

Here is the one by talk show host and comic Ellen Degeneres. Watch it once, and you will realize, what I am trying to say.

Well, I have to say again, without giving much importance to what might be the consequence on the users, marketers are just trying to gain eyeballs at all costs. And that might not be the right strategy.


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