There are many theories revolving around how 21 December, 2012 would be the end of the world. Some say that there is a possibility of a reversal in earth’s rotation while others believe that asteroids and meteorites would visit our planet on that day. Some say that on 21 December the Mayan Calendar would cease to exist and cataclysmic events would occur while others talk about some planets will align to impact earth. This post is about none of these theories. This post is about us.

21 december 2012I firmly believe that the happiness levels of people are going down. Frustration and tension is increasing. I do not quote this from any statistics as statistics are often manipulated. This is what I see and observe around myself. People who are elder to me are more happy and more satisfied with their life, whereas people of my generation are always unhappy, tensed and worked up. They are unhappy about their professional and personal lives. Very few of them are actually happy.

Secondly, the population rise further increases the number of unhappy people in my generation than the last one. Also, more population means more competition and hence more unhappiness.

Now, when we are unhappy we blame it on the external factors which include other people. Rarely, we try to see our shortcomings and improve it or live with it. My point is simple. We blame others for our unhappiness. So I believe if the world would end and if there is a doomsday it might be due to us. When our unhappiness is up to a point where we can’t take it anymore that would lead us to fight among ourselves. This is already happening but it will get worse.

My suggestion is plain; stay happy. Do things that make you happy and be around people that make you happy.  We anyways have very little control on the acts of God. So just sit back and enjoy each moment as it comes. But if you believe in all the theories revolving around the web check out this How to Survive 2012: End of the World video.

Stay happy!  🙂


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