It was a sad day in the history of the world. Twelve girls and eight boys, none of them older than 7 years were the victim of massacre caused by Adam Lanza, the 20 year old who forced his way into the school, Sandy Hook Elementary and started open firing. Six other women also gave their lives, trying to save the children.

We are sad and we are angry over this incident. The peace of the once tranquil Newtown has been shattered. The death toll exceeded that of 1999 rampage at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado which was considered to be the most notorious US school shootings until now.

The question that we should be asking ourselves is what caused Lanza to commit such a horrendous act? How would have he looked at all those innocent people before shooting them? How could he even have such a thought?  What might have been going through his mind? Why was he so angry or upset?  He even killed his mother Nancy, gunned down 26 people at the school before ending his life.

I can definitely say that there was something terribly wrong with his upbringing.  What we do, what we are, how we behave affect our children, especially in their formative years. They see us and their friends and take our qualities while growing up which form traits of their personality. This brings to me a very crucial point: have we become so urbanized and so lost in this new culture, that we have stopped giving importance to these softer aspects of life?

It has been confirmed that Lanza had struggled in his life to fit in his suburban community.  Had he been treated as a normal kid and had efforts been made to assure him that he is a part of this society, this shocking event might have not happened today.  Banning guns might be necessary but we should ask ourselves, how do we improve?

Mirk (Sahil Bansal)

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