What an idea sir g. One of the best. So I was surfing on facebook on one of these days and I saw the ads of http://www.Letsbuy.com and http://www.yebhi.com. To add to it some of my friends also liked the ads. It made me interested and I, at once visited the websites. Although I didn’t shop at that time but I saw some good deals and recommended some of the products to my friends.

25 million users spending an average of 3 hour per month on a website. What an opportunity to get your message across to your target audience and that too on a website that is casual and not formal. Face book, specifically works on a one to one basis. I know what my friends like and when it comes to influencing my buying behaviour my friends are the best celebrities I can trust. So whatever they buy or like is probably good enough for me too. They are making advertising social.

What more can one expect. All companies: loot lo bhaiya mast opportunity hai.. They’ve proved channel V’s bai wrong.. itna paisa bhi itna ich nai iss se zyada milenga… 😛


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