Hello friends! Another happy experience, this time at Bangalore. So I was at this Total Mall on the Old Airport Road buying some groceries for the party we were organising for our friends and seniors. As you know, no party is complete without hard drinks so I was supposed to buy juices and cold drinks for the drinkers as well as the non-drinkers. I went to the juice section and dear lord; I saw ten different brands of juices all having at least 5 different variants.

As it is I was already confused between a fruit drink, a fruit juice and fruit nectar, now I had ten different brands to choose from. Tropicana from PepsiCo, Real, Real Activ and Real Burrst from Dabur, Minute Maid from Coca-Cola, Saint from Parle Agro, Ceres, KDD and B-Natural are the names I remember and trust me, there were more. Imagine choosing from among 50 products which doesn’t look much different to you.I realized our market is going the US way where one has about 300 brands for every product; yes the number is close to that, to choose from. Poor marketers have no other option but to increase their advertising spends so that they can get the so called share of mind.

Anyways, back to my experience, I selected some of them based on randomization and of course price. 😀

This was just for the non-drinkers and the vodka lovers, but what about others? Ahhh.. the whiskey and rum lovers only need soda and water and the mere thought of all sodas being the same no matter what the brand is, made me happy! 😀


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